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Megan Cornwell
Communications Manager / Ontario Telemedicine Network

Waterloo Creative does meticulous work. They have a great sense of design, excellent communication skills and their programming ALWAYS works. They learn your business, develop a custom solution that suits your needs and then deliver your product on time and on budget.

Bob Borys
CEO / Ecogenda Inc.

We help teachers deliver true SMS / MMS messaging to parents and students in real-time and with Waterloo Creative have expanded our capability to over 1500 carriers and 150 countries worldwide! The sign-up is simple.… No detailed spreadsheets to create or information to be recopied. The participants simply text a special number we give them and they are subscribed. Users can give us further information by filling out an on-line profile. Traditional phone calls, letters sent home, etc. were time-consuming and not always effective. We needed a faster, more reliable and effective solution to inform of changes and remind about important times and dates, a snow-storm and more. Waterloo Creative helped us to simplify our process by using their iSend framework. Now it's as simple as typing in our message once and sending it to everyone’s cell phone a second later. 90% of those messages are read in under 3 minutes! Effective communicative power with the click of a button. Love it and so do our teachers. Thanks guys!

Mark Raymer
CEO / Enotify Inc.

Enotify is an online application helping to connect buyers and sellers in the AG industry. We utilize the newest cloud based technologies to connect our users. Waterloo Creative developed our logo/brand, our website, created our web and android app, programmed our interactive sales / tradeshow presentations, setup our email/hosting accounts and managed all our print materials for us. We've been working with them for a few years now and couldn't be happier. Appreciate all the extra hours they put in! Check out their work for yourself at:

Edis Kardumovic
Art Director & Marketing Strategist / Eastforest Homes Ltd.

Waterloo Creative helped Eastforest Homes reach and exceed the sales goals by providing unique insights into market trends and predictive analysis. Unique tracking methods and custom telephony services helped us increase sales by 20 million in the first year of its use. Waterloo Creative also developed a tailored Request For Quote (RFQ) system. This system was very complex in nature and required an experienced and knowledgeable team. Waterloo Creative created a brilliant solution; improving on our previously set vision. Our sales staff are now able to instantly submit the RFQs while engaging with customers at the same time. Our customer turnaround time has exponentially improved and we've dramatically reduced administration hours and eliminated a constantly growing paper trail. Working with Waterloo Creative is a great and pleasant experience and I would highly recommend it.