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Property Measurement Dashboard


What is Property Intelligence? Property Intelligence is a business visualization dashboard built for Home Builders, Real-Estate Agents / Brokerages and Property Management firms to sell or rent properties faster.

What does it do? It organizes, tracks and ranks real-time market interest via a simple to use online dashboard. This dashboard provides a predictive overview of all market trends across multiple locations, while generating real-time leads.

How does it track interest? Property Intelligence interacts with anyone interested in a property by answering their call, sending or receiving text messages and providing a variety of additional options. For example, it can send interior photos, floor plans, 3D models, virtual tours and much more.


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Showcased in Homes Plus!

As used by Activa in Homes Plus Magazine!


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  • Executives are able to make more informed decisions based on live visual stats
  • Marketing Managers know which properties need more advertising
  • Sales Managers can more accurately predict sales revenue / targets
  • Agents can track all incoming numbers and text messages for lead generation
  • Agents are able to save time by focusing on qualified leads
  • Customers experience enhanced service through interaction and speed
  • Organizations can visualize which advertisers are working best
  • Properties can be easily organized across subdivisions, cities, provinces/states
  • Properties that are hard to sell (remote locations) can sell themselves
  • Avoids delays by directing voice-mails to appropriate agents via email
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> Interested in knowing more about Property Intelligence? We’d be happy to help. Click here for details.