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MapSys: Sell Homes Faster!

What is MapSys? MapSys was built to help Home Builders, Real Estate Brokerages and Realtors sell homes faster! It is an interactive sales tool that easily integrates with your website, allowing your customers the ability to interact with your models and lots, book appointments, make offers and more.

How can it help me? MapSys allows the public, or sales staff to drag and drop homes for sale onto lots, approve offers, ensure no simultaneous offers on the same lots, and calculate which models fit on to which lots! Your organization can easily upload all your models and elevations, subdivision maps, floorplans, 3D renders, and then quickly map all lots with our easy to use point and click interface! See our demo video below.


Features and Benefits:

  • Sell Homes Faster!
  • Interactive lot site mapping
  • Know the status of the offer as it happens
  • Manage all sitemaps and phases from dashboard
  • Upload all model images, descriptions and files
  • Touch screen capability (smart tv, smartphone, tablet)
  • Assign permission levels (admin, manager, sales agents, public)
  • Never sell on the wrong lot again
  • Upload all floor plans to the public view
  • Upload all elevations to the public view
  • Work with one site, one phase or with 100s of locations and phases
  • Assign unlimited lots to any subdivision or phase
  • Get notified on a new offer or sold property in real time
  • Easily upload subdivision maps
  • Point & click to create lots details on subdivision maps
  • Never lose another sale due to a home not fitting on the lot
  • Exclude elevations & homes from lots, phases and subdivisions
  • Architectural control built in
  • Unlimited floor plan uploads
  • Unlimited elevations uploads
  • Unlimited sitemaps phases uploads
  • Unlimited lots
  • Appointment booking form
  • Search by model name or lot size
  • See lot sizes, grading, home pricing on hover over lots
  • Identify and classify lots by lot type

  • Pre-populated lot and home features
  • Single detached or Condo/Townhouse lot and home classification
  • Sales process control
  • Side by side model restrictions, elevation restrictions or none
  • Home / floor plan exclusion to specific lots
  • All cloud based.
  • Easily integrates with your website
  • Management Approval on offers
  • Training video provided

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