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Interested in growing your business?

What is LeadSnap? LeadSnap is a business development tool created to help businesses grow!

What problem does LeadSnap solve? LeadSnap solves a penetration and growth problem by:

– Helping companies find target markets looking for their product or service (in real-time).
– Providing a Lead Search Engine to find market segmented B2B leads within the markets found.
– Allowing companies to seamlessly market to the leads found via personalized email, cold calling or both.
– Integrating our proprietary customer relations management and tracking system (CRM)
– Tagging leads as interested and funneling interested leads into the monetization area for follow-up
– Measuring to understand return on investment (ROI). 

Who can benefit from LeadSnap? Any business selling to other businesses. A few examples include:
– High tech start-ups looking to reach and expand their business throughout the USA.
– Marketing agencies reselling LeadSnap as a client offering under their own brand name.
– Not for profit 501(c)(3) companies looking to attract new prospects with fundraising initiatives.
– Financial companies / agents looking for additional leads to offer business services to.
– Accountants, trucking companies and countless other businesses selling to businesses wanting to grow!

What’s our unique value? With LeadSnap, you can have a campaign ready to go in minutes (instead of days or weeks). No more running a few marketing campaigns to fill your email campaigns. No more paying for third party leads / lists etc. No more wondering how your campaign translated to dollars for your organization. No more bouncing between 3-4 third party systems to do what we do! LeadSnap is simple, affordable and all in one!

What features are included?: LeadSnap includes unlimited lead searches, the ability to import thousands of market segmented B2B leads in the US or globally per year, the ability to determine current trends in your product service based on location, use of our white-labelled integrated email campaigner, auto-unsubscribe / scrub feature, a CRM, the ability to track the monetization of each campaign, automated subscribe forms for websites, unlimited excel imports, email/telephone lead distinction options, google calendar integration and more!

Penetrate and Grow! Any company can do email marketing, but only LeadSnap helps you search, find markets, find leads, manage your CRM, import unlimited leads, scrub lists and then track and monetize the results all in one system!