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wc-isendiSend: Group Text Messaging

What is iSend Messaging? iSend is the easiest way to send branded text messages, payment requests, picture/video messages and more to a group of people in real-time.

How does it work? Create your groups, add users, brand it with your own logo… then, send group text messages as needed. It’s that simple!

How much is it? There are no upfront costs, no monthly fees and no obligations at anytime. It’s all pay as you go and any credits purchased rollover every month for you!

iSend is great for:

  • Sports Teams: Coaches / Parents / Players
  • Retail Stores: Promotional information
  • Churches: Groups with Multiple Members
  • Dance Studios: Instructors to parents
  • Insurance Advisors: Seminar Sign-ups
  • Schools: Teachers / Parents / Students
  • Large Corporations: Marketing Campaigns
  • Grocery Stores: Perishable Programs
  • Restaurants: Specials, Coupons
  • Real Estate Agents: Lead Generation


Demo iSend today. Click here to get a free number with 50 free credits!