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MapSys was built to help Home Builders, Real Estate Brokerages and Realtors sell homes faster! It is an interactive sales tool that integrates with your website, allowing your customers the ability to easily interact with your models and lots, book appointments, make offers and more.  A few key features include the ability drag and drop offers, manage all subdivisions, upload models and define lots for each subdivision, upload floor-plans and elevations, ensure model sizes fit lots in real-time, appointment booking and much more. Click here for details.


iSend – group text msgs, payment collection/tracking and more!

Are you a School looking to collect and track pizza money from groups of parents? How about a Dance Studio needing to send out a reminder and obtain payments for costumes? Or perhaps you’re a sports club looking to find an easy way to register players, easily categorize them in their division and receive payments?

With iSend, you can send group payment requests/reminders, branded text messages, promotions via pictures/coupons, videos to specific groups of people in real-time. Click here for details.


LeadSnap! Lead Generation and Email marketing all-in-one?

As we all know, email marketing is only as good as the leads acquired! But lead acquisition is the hardest part. Not anymore!

A B2B Leads Search Engine? Yes! With LeadSnap, you can generate leads in seconds, add them to your campaign and launch within minutes. No more having to wait weeks to generate more leads. LeadSnap is a game changer! Click here for details.